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Copywriting – What Can You Do?

February 26th, 2014

Next week’s Course of The Week is our Complete Copywriter course. This means you’ll get £25 off the course fees next week only making it a great time to think about a new career in copywriting. But, what do copywriters do exactly?

Well, they do what I’m doing right here – they write copy. That can mean articles, prospectuses, sales emails and letters, blog and social media posts plus any number of other tasks as and when required. My day is taken up with writing blog posts, SEO articles for our websites and external websites and creating social media content for our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. For these I need to decide on a topic, carry out research and create the content to a satisfactory standard. It’s varied and interesting, for example today I created a blog post on the UN International French Language day for one of our nursery companies, this blog post on what copywriters do and later I’ll be writing an article on a business English topic.

In fact, any writing that a company or organisation uses will most likely have been written by a copywriter. So, if you really think about that, you’ll see that the opportunities for work you’ll have once you are able to copywrite professionally are numerous and varied. Everyone from universities, to retail shops, to churches and individual business owners all require copywriters. And, even those who think they don’t – really do! So, why not read our articles about copywriting to see whether it’s something you fancy giving a go:

Copywriting Articles

If it is something you want to try, keep your eyes peeled for the special offer email landing in your inbox.

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