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Taking The Copyright Challenge

June 23rd, 2017

First, thanks to Gillian for last week’s blog. I think many people have experiences in their life that they feel they would like to share with a wider audience, but they don’t have the confidence to go for it. Gillian’s post shows you that you should always be willing to take that risk. She ended up with a book under her belt, the knowledge that she has really struck a chord with her readers and has been instrumental in giving great support to her cause.

You’d be surprised at how many new writers worry about copyright. The majority worry that if they send off their work to newspapers and magazines or competitions it will be stolen by unscrupulous editors or judges. I’ve even had one student ask how she could be certain that her tutor wouldn’t go through her assignment and steal ideas. (Incidentally, there’s no copyright in ideas – just the way they’re expressed.)

But there are others who worry about infringing copyright laws when they are doing their research and writing up their articles. This has become a thorny issue as there is now so much information and so many images available on the Internet. Can you use them, or can’t you?

So, why not try The Copyright Challenge? It’s a bit of fun, and obviously geared to the US market. But there’s still plenty of useful information if you read the explanations given when you choose either a correct or a wrong answer. And it’s all provided in an easy-to-understand way.

Next, I’ve come across a new (or at least new to me) site that links up freelance writers with people looking for copy. It’s called Newsmodo and it’s free for the writer. They say:

“Through an online portal, brimming with briefs, Newsmodo provides a hassle-free platform for freelancers to connect with our clients around the world. Complete your profile, tell us what you specialise in and we will tailor and send relevant briefs directly to your inbox. Check in to the brief listings that update all day, everyday and follow us on twitter for your next opportunity.”

Once you have signed up there are a number of options available:

When you find a brief that captures your imagination, you can pitch to the client for the opportunity to cover the story.

You can post an unsolicited or exclusive pitch that will be distributed to selected clients who then have the option to commission you to complete the story on their behalf.

Or, you can create a free profile and engage with new clients. Profiles will be shared with clients when commissioning work, so yours must stand out from the crowd!

Like all such sites, you are up against lots of competition, the pay might not be wonderful and you will probably be expected to hit tight deadlines, but it’s certainly worth looking at.

My guest next week is another runner up in our Writer of the Year Award 2017 – Walter Dinjos. He’ll be giving you ten reasons to enter creative writing competitions. And while we’re on the subject, don’t forget the Writers Bureau’s  Limerick Competition is still accepting entries until 31st July.



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