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July 9th, 2010

This week, my guest blogger is Rachel Newcombe who is on of the tutors on our Writers Bureau Complete Copywriter Course.

Rachel Newcombe

Marketing Yourself as a Copywriter

One of the common questions from students finishing the Writers Bureau Complete Copywriter course is, “How can I find work as a copywriter?” It can be hard when you’re first starting out, but one of the important ways in which you can find work and potential clients is to start marketing yourself as a copywriter.

There are various practical methods you can use to market yourself, including creating a portfolio, setting up a website and developing promotional postcards.

Create a Portfolio

When you’re making contact with potential clients, or applying for work as a copywriter, you’ll no doubt be asked for samples of work or if a client could see your portfolio. It can be a bit of a ‘chicken or egg’ situation at first, as you need work in order to build up a portfolio of samples. In the first instance, some of your course assignments can be used as examples, plus it’s useful to create some sample copy to show off your copywriting skills, such as writing a dummy press release or copy for a website (although never try and pass this off as actual commissioned work if you are asked – admit that it is a sample).

If you have friends, family or colleagues who run businesses and could benefit from your copywriting services, consider offering to do some work for free or a discounted fee, in return for a testimonial and a good example of copywriting to use in your portfolio. As soon as you’ve got commissioned and published samples, then add these to your portfolio.

Set Up a Website

A website is a great way of letting the world know you exist and of marketing your copywriting services. In many ways it goes hand-in-hand with creating a portfolio, as you can use a section of your website to show off examples of your work.

If you’re technologically minded, find someone to design a simple website for you or consider using a blog platform, such as WordPress or Blogger, to host it instead. Many people successfully use a blog to create a simple website and find it an easy way to upload and display examples of their work (for example, I’m using a fairly simple WordPress blog that was designed for me to promote my latest book – http://www.skincancerandsunsafety.com/).

Sun Safety The Essential Guide

Promotional Postcards

If you’re keen to let people in specific organisations know of your copywriting services, then consider creating some promotional postcards to send out or deliver to local businesses.

Much larger than a business card, a postcard has plenty of room to sell your skills and advertise yourself as a copywriter. Companies such as Vistaprint frequently offer very good deals for printing postcards, so it won’t cost you too much to do, and they provide lots of free graphics you can use on your design too.

Rachel Newcombe is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and researcher and tutor for The Complete Copywriter course. Her latest book, Skin Cancer and Sun Safety: The Essential Guide has recently been published by Need2Know (£8.99)

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