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Does your self-image influence your writing?

March 18th, 2011

I know that some of you struggle with writer’s block, so thanks to Shefali for last week’s suggestions!

Before I go any further, I’d like to draw your attention to Body Gossip. It’s a national organisation that encourages people to engage in dialogue about their bodies. They aim to promote confidence and acceptance through sharing. They’re currently compiling a selection of stories for a forthcoming book – and they’d love to hear from you. Whether you worry about your shape, your wrinkles, are considering cosmetic surgery (or find that whole area distasteful) – they’re interested in your point of view.

Have confidence in yourself!

Incidentally, I went to a lunch associated with International Women’s Day last week. There was a raffle and the second prize was £200 of botox vouchers! I found that pretty infuriating as the message it sent out was just the opposite of empowering. In some jobs how you look is paramount but for the majority of successful, working women it has little bearing.

More important than botox is confidence, and tomorrow I’m going to The Education Show in Birmingham where Gok Wan will be speaking about his hopes for self-confidence classes in schools of the future. I couldn’t agree more and I’ll definitely be in the audience – though I hope he won’t be dragging people to their feet and telling them they’re apple or pear shaped in his usual inimitable fashion!

Writers Bureau Short Story Competition 2011

Entries have now started to come in for our Short Story Competition – so don’t leave yours until the last minute. In this month’s E-zee Writer, there’s an article by Lorraine Mace providing some useful tips on writing short stories that you might like to read. You’ll also find Iain Pattison’s book, Cracking the Short Story Market, both humorous and useful.

Iain is the adjudicator for our Short Story competition; so to give you a flavour of his writing, and his likes and dislikes as a judge, I’ve asked him to be my guest blogger next week.

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