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Writing Competitions!

December 11th, 2013

Type ‘writing competition’ into any search engine and you’ll to get pages and pages of results to trawl through. But, what are the advantages of taking part in writing competitions? Well, there are lots actually!

If you are an unknown, unpublished writer you could catapult yourself into the spotlight by winning a respected competition, such as the Bridport Prize. Read what successful novelist Fay Weldon has to say about winning, “Mention the Bridport Prize and the eyes of writers everywhere light up. It’s not just the money – though that’s not to be sneezed at – it’s a prize really worth fighting for in terms of prestige and genuine literary accomplishment”. You could land yourself a major publishing deal off the back of one winning competition entry. And, if you don’t, you’ve still got a wonderful achievement to add to your portfolio!

You could win a nice hefty prize. Going back to the Bridport Prize as an example, it’s one of the richest competitions around. The top prize for the winning poem or short story is £5000 – that’s not a bad return on what might have taken only a few hours to write.

The Telegraph with Harvill Secker, run a crime writing competition with a book deal and a £5000 advance as the prize – that’s certainly not to be sniffed at.

Manchester Metropolitan University run the The Manchester Fiction Prize, which invites writers from all over the world to submit a previously unpublished short story for consideration. First prize is £10,000! There’s also a poetry prize you could participate in too with the same first prize.

Although the money is very nice indeed, thank you very much, it really pales in comparison to the kudos you’ll accrue from winning a major writing competition. So, don’t be shy, have a go and see what happens.

And, come on people – it’s time to get your entries in for our annual Poetry Competition! It will be closing on 31st December, so there’s not much time left if you want to take part!


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