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New Editor for Student Magazine

September 2nd, 2011

First, thanks to Sue for her good advice last week on finding topics to write about and then the best ways to go about researching them.

Winning Short Stories

I’ve now been sent the winners of this year’s short story competition by the adjudicator, Iain Pattison – and I must admit to being impressed. The winners have already been notified and their stories should be available (together with Iain’s critique) on our website later in the month.

Reviews, Recommendations and Free Extracts

This is what you’ll get if you visit Love Reading. In addition, it’s the first UK retailer to stock all three ebook formats – iBooks, Kindle and ePub – so once you’ve made a choice, ordering is easy whatever you intend to read it on. Their strap line is ‘Helping you choose your next book’ – and it certainly delivers what it promises.

Chapter and Verse

The latest edition of Chapter and Verse is now available in the student area of our website. This is the last issue edited by Anne Lyken-Garner and thanks go to Anne for all the hard work she’s put in over the past few issues. The magazine is written and edited by students; so if you fancy contributing to the next issue, you should send a piece of flash fiction (no more than 500 words) or a short poem (no more than 16 lines) in which the last line is ‘Everybody Makes Mistakes’. The address is candv@writersbureau.com.

The new editor is Amanda John and I’m sure she’ll do a terrific job. She’s volunteered to be my guest blogger next week and will be looking at the importance of having a support network – especially as being a writer can, at times, seem such a lonely occupation.


And finally, I couldn’t resist sharing something I heard on the radio recently. A music technology student is doing the ‘music of Twitter’. He played a short extract and needless to say, it’s pretty atonal and discordant! What else can you expect?

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