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February 18th, 2011

First, thanks to Rob for last week’s blog.  I told you it would make you want to get straight on the next flight (or Eurostar) to Paris!

Writers Bureau Annual Competition

This week sees the launch of our annual competition – but we’re doing it a bit differently this year.  Instead of running our poetry and short story competitions in parallel, we’re accepting entries for the Short Story Competition from now until the end of June.  From  July 1st we’ll be accepting entries for the Poetry Competition.  Details are available on our website and you can either download an entry form or enter online.

Lunching for Ladies

Last Thursday I went to a lunch where Cherie Blair was the guest speaker.  I must admit that when I told my husband, son and people at work where I was going, not one of them said ‘That sounds interesting’ – they all just looked at me and said ‘Why?!’  But it did prove to be interesting – and I am extremely jealous of anyone who has such a well-modulated and easy-on-the-ear speaking voice!  Our Chairman, Susan Metcalfe, has more to say about the event in her blog on the Business Training website if you’re interested.

World Book Day… and Night

March 3rd will see schools around the country celebrating World Book Day.  I’m not sure that giving each pupil a £1.00 Book Token will really encourage them to go out and buy a book when they have to find another £5.00 plus to actually purchase one.  But it is a wonderful way of highlighting how important reading is – especially when we’re hearing of library cuts across the country.

Hot on the heels of this event comes World Book Night for adults.  Twenty thousand book lovers will be chosen to give away a million books (48 each) selected from a list of 25.  It’s too late for you to apply to be one of the ‘givers’, but it’s not too late to look at the list of chosen books and see what you think about them.  And who knows, you might even be one of the lucky recipients!

Prize Draw

Congratulations to Amy Parsons who is the lucky winner of the Indepenpress/Writers Bureau prize draw and receives a Bronze Publishing Package from them and a copy of our new course, How to Market Your Book.  I hope your published book will meet your expectations, Amy, and that using the techniques in the course will bring in all the sales you could hope for.

Next week Writers Bureau student turned tutor, Nicki Taylor, will be telling you all about the benefits of de-cluttering your head and blowing away the cobwebs.  I’ll subscribe to the latter but am not sure whether, in my case, there would be anything left if I attempted the de-clutter!

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