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Christmas Markets!

November 20th, 2013

They’re here! Yes, the Christmas Markets have arrived – well in Manchester anyway! And, you may not think so, but this could present a great opportunity for an article. Just think, you’ve got people from all over Europe right on your doorstep, what tales of travel could they tell you?

What wondrous and exotic food stuffs are you going to try? What do your senses pick up as you walk from stall to stall? Could you write an article offering your advice on which food stalls offered the best German sausage or mulled wine?

Could you get a behind-the-scenes look at the market? Maybe speak to the stall holders about the preparation involved in getting their stock to the market or what it’s like being away from home so near to Christmas? You could ask if they like the town they are staying in or what the journey here was like.

See, there are plenty of opportunities for articles from a variety of angles. Most of these will, of course, be review articles, as it’s usually too late for you to submit anything for inclusion in November or December issues, unless an editor has been let down by another writer!

So, if you fancy taking us on a wonderful walk through the markets in your town, put your wellies and a warm scarf on, get your notebook out and make copious notes! Here are just a few of the markets currently in full swing up and down the country:

Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market

Christkindel market Leeds

Frankfurt Market in Birmingham

Edinburgh Christmas Market

Salisbury Christmas Market

Bath Christmas Markets

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