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Christmas Ghost Story

July 24th, 2020

First, thanks to Colin for last week’s post. I loved the way he described his writing  journey. Some writers prefer to work in one genre only – and they seem to know instinctively what that is. Others, like Colin, want to try their hand at a variety of different genres and styles, coming back to what interests them when they feel it’s the right time and trying out new things when they are ready for a change. At the end of the day, it’s what makes you, as a writer, happy and provides the most fulfilment.

I know that some of you who are on our Creative Writing Course struggle to get copies of magazines that you can use to do your research – this has been particularly difficult during lockdown or if you are still self-isolating. Also, I’m not sure I’d want to hang about shops and supermarkets browsing their stocks of magazines (funny looks for picking up and putting back?) wearing a mask. Also, our overseas students sometimes ask where they can source magazines if there’s nothing available in their local shops.

So, here is a list of sites where you can browse a wide variety of magazines and then order them. Check out the details of each one carefully – some ask you to subscribe and only then can you buy. Others are free but you will have to purchase more than one copy of a specific periodical. A couple will sell single issues.






Just a reminder that our Poetry Competition will close on 31st July, so if you’ve not yet sent your entry/ies, then you need to get a move on. There are prizes of £300, £200 and £100 and each winner also receives a Writers Bureau course of their choice – worth up to £400! The fee is £5 per poem (maximum 40 lines, on any theme) and you can send as many entries as you like either online or by downloading an entry form and posting.

One other quirky competition I want to mention is the Crowvus Christmas Ghost Story Competition. I know that Christmas seems a long way off at the moment, but the closing date for this competition is 30th September. The maximum word limit is 4000 and the fee is £3 per story or £5 for two stories (you’re not allowed to enter more than two). The prizes won’t allow you to retire to the Bahamas – £100, £75 and £50 – but the fee isn’t huge either. On the website there is a list of useful tips for entering and you can download a free e-book of the team’s own ghostly experiences.

My guest next week is Antonio Salituro who will be handing down to you 10 commandments for writing divine short stories!

PS If you’re wondering what this week’s picture represents, it’s my brand new ‘bug hotel’ which my husband has created in an overgrown part of the garden to provide shelter for all our creeping, crawling, flying friends through the winter. A veritable Hilton of the bug world.

Author: Diana Nadin


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