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September 13th, 2013

First, thanks to Rex for last Friday’s blog. It provides a wonderful example of how much enjoyment and satisfaction can be obtained from continually expanding your horizons. I hate it when people say they’re too old to learn something new. It’s all an attitude of mind – learning isn’t just for the young, it should be a life-long quest!

The Borrowers – Part II

In an earlier blog I mentioned how good it would be to have a scheme like the Chinese – a ‘library’ on the underground where commuters could borrow and leave books. I’m obviously behind the times because Hollie Belton has already launched a new charity Books on the Underground. If you want to join, email them (see the website) and they will send you some stickers that you can put on your book when you leave it for other passengers to pick up. And if you borrow a book – don’t forget to bring it back when you’ve finished it.

And talking of libraries, there are two amazing new ones that have recently opened their doors. The first – the Central Library in Liverpool– isn’t really new but the building has been completely re-modelled and there are a host of new services. In addition to the spectacular views from the roof terrace there are areas to read, browse and borrow plus access to 15,000 rare books.

The other, which is new and has only just opened its doors, is the Library of Birmingham. The building’s exterior decoration is certainly unusual – you’ll probably love it or hate it. But it promises a wonderful experience inside – especially as it is closely linked to The REP theatre. Last time I was in Birmingham it wasn’t open to the public but it’s definitely on my list for a visit – possibly combined with a bit of retail therapy when the Christmas Markets hit town!

But what is so reassuring is that major cities like Liverpool and Birmingham still want to provide central libraries that not only provide the public with the chance to read and borrow books but also have a real ‘Wow!’ factor. And closer to home, Manchester Central Library will be re-opening after an extensive update in Spring of next year.

Next Friday’s guest blogger is Helene Ay with a whimsical look at her writing world!

But first, just a quick note to remind you that the latest issues of both Chapter and Verse and The Write Place are available on our website for you to read. And there’s a special offer giving £50 off our Writing for Children Course in The Write Place, as well as being able to catch up on what’s currently going on at Writers Bureau.



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