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September 10th, 2010

First, thanks to Janie Jackson for standing in last week.  Whenever you read anything that Janie has written, the fact that she firmly believes in ‘positive thought’ comes through loud and clear.

I also agree entirely with her views that you’ve got to move with the times.  Only last week the papers were full of headlines like ‘OED Falls Victim to the Digital Divide’, bemoaning the fact that the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (21 years in the making, apparently!) will only be available online.  But printing a 20-volume dictionary is expensive; so an online version makes commercial sense.  And how many of us can really afford the space (or money) to have a set on our bookshelves!  So let’s not lament the loss – instead be glad of the extra accessibility that often results from moving with the times.

Squeezing in this blog between putting the finishing touches to one of our new courses – more next week – and dealing with my emails, I often struggle to find time to write.  I’m obviously not the only one, as there’s currently a discussion about the subject on our Facebook  group.  So, if you’ve any suggestions to make – or you just want to find out how other find the time – have a look.

Finally, if you fancy a challenge, have a go at the Writers Bureau’s latest 21st birthday competition. It’s a treasure hunt and gives you the chance to win one of our How to Write for Competitions courses which is packed with tips on taking part in both short story and poetry competition.

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