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Could you be the next Booker Prize winner?

October 22nd, 2010

Thanks to Alison for last week’s blog – and for pointing out the importance of revising and polishing your work.  This applies not just to your poems but to all your writing – and in particular to any competition entries you send out.  With comp entries you’re usually paying an entry fee – so don’t squander it!

First Chapter Competition

One competition that I came across recently that sounded interesting was Lightship Publishing’s ‘First Chapter’ competition.  The winner will get mentoring for a year, representation by an agent and publication of their novel.  The mentors sound interesting, as one of them is Tibor Fischer, whose work I’ve enjoyed immensely in the past.  But the entry fee is quite steep – £15 if you enter on line and £20 if you send work by post.  So, that’s why the point raised earlier is so important.

The Booker Prize 2010

And still on the subject of competitions, I was rather disappointed that Peter Carey didn’t win The Booker Prize for a third time.  I’ve just finished reading ‘Jack Maggs’ and I’ll certainly be checking out ‘Parrot and Olivier in America’ on my next holiday.  I was listening to him being interviewed shortly before the results came out and he was talking about the advice that is often given to new writers: Write about what you know.  As he pointed out, being born in a very small town in Australia to parents who ran a General Motors dealership, where would he have been if he’d simply followed that advice!

So, don’t ignore the received wisdom but also be prepared to write about anything which interests you deeply enough and then research it with passion.

21st Birthday Celebrations

I started on the subject of competitions, so I might as well end there.  Congratulations to Beverley Eaves, the winner of the ‘Treasure Hunt’ we held last month!  And remembers, there’s still time to enter our Halloween Flash Fiction Competition to win a Writing for Children Course worth £259 – and unlike most competitions, there’s no entry fee!

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