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Blog About What You Know (Or What You Can Find Out)

March 2nd, 2018

When I started the Comprehensive Writing Course I had aspirations of being a fiction writer, so to become a successful non-fiction blogger took me by surprise.

When it comes down to it, I guess the first lesson us new bloggers need to learn, is to write about what we know. That’s not to say we can’t explore other themes; but by starting off with a familiar subject it is far easier to research other established bloggers in our field of interest- to ensure we don’t duplicate their work. Researching allows us to spot new angles to write about popular subjects in our own style.

The next thing to decide on is how to publish our blogs. There are many apps and websites available, but getting followers can be difficult, especial in a crowded market. For me, I chose (rightly or wrongly) to approach a Gardening Company who encourages Customer Blogs, but who do not pay for writing unless you win blogger of the month. Here I was able to have an editor willing to publish my work so long as I followed their guidelines.  I was working full time, so was happy to write an article a month for free.

The second year into blogging for this company, my health deteriorated. To keep me occupied during treatment and being unable to go to work, I continued producing monthly gardening blogs, occasionally doing one-off gardening history pieces.

Struggling to come to terms with my new life, keeping a diary helped, but the change from seeing people every day to being virtually housebound made me lonely, so I decided to set up my own blog page for social interaction. I didn’t want to get into any payment plans so chose WeBlogIt and started blogging about life with cancer and heart failure. Each day I posted the link on my social media pages. Then one day someone suggested I post my blogs on WordPress too.

Through my personal health blogs, I noticed my hits increased when I uploaded a gardening or baking article so I approached a different Gardening Company’s website with the idea of a blog showcasing a home-grown in-season fruit or vegetable, baking with it and tips to grow it yourself – something not done by their other bloggers. The editor liked the idea and gave me a three-month trial.

I’ve learned to be a successful blogger I must write with passion not opinion. It’s okay to say you like something because… but far better to say if you like such and such then you may also like this because of….

Likewise, my followers like reading about my failures as much as my successes; people are more receptive to me saying I did something wrong rather than pretending I did it right. Don’t try to fool your readers, they will easily spot lies.

Currently my gardening/baking blog is published by Richard Jackson’s Garden and the Greenhouse Gardening blog by Thompson & Morgan. My other blogs as mentioned are on WeBlogIt and WordPress.


Amanda Davies was born in St David’s the UK’s smallest city. She now resides in South Pembrokeshire with her fiancé. 

Currently recovering from ovarian cancer and heart failure, Amanda is passionate about writing, blogging, photography and growing her own food, as well as gardening for wildlife.



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