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Another One Bites The Dust

May 6th, 2016

newday-blogThis week is something of a miscellany because there are a few things I want to mention. First, I can’t say I was really surprised when I heard that the two-month old newspaper, New Day, from the Trinity Mirror group was closing down.

I’m a hybrid when it comes to getting my news fix. I pick up what I want online, still enjoy sitting down and watching bulletins on TV and then I buy a big, bulky, satisfying newspaper on Sunday and thoroughly enjoy it. I love the supplements, the in-depth features and the fact that the coverage it gives is still truly international. There’s a postal strike in Venezuela that’s been going on for the last month? Wow, how could I live without that snippet!

But we all know that people like me, who still buy newspapers, are getting fewer each year – even more so when it comes to the dailies. And the New Day offering left a lot to be desired. I bought it once, out of curiosity, but I certainly wasn’t tempted to waste another 50p. There was a lack of ‘real news’ – most of what was printed could have been prepared days before and slotted in.

They launched it with the claim that it would be optimistic, politically neutral and aimed at time-poor readers. OK, but does good news sell papers? No – it’s controversy and ‘shock-horror’ that does the trick. Do most people want to read a politically neutral paper? The Daily Mirror and the The Mail, love them or loathe them, are successful and they’re far from politically neutral. Most people want to have their own ideas and views confirmed in what they read.  Finally, if you’re time-poor, you’re not even going to bother reading a newspaper – you’ll check it out online or get your daily fix from the free Metro on your way to work.

I think what media commentator, Roy Greenslade, said on Twitter best sums it up: Trinity Mirror will say they must experiment or die. Fair enough… but there’s a big difference between experimentation and crazy optimism.

Moving on, as you probably know, we have a number of overseas students and some of them have difficulty accessing English language magazines. Some UK students do, too. So here are some sites where you can search for the kind of magazines you might like to write for and also purchase copies:

Zinio – you can buy subscriptions or individual copies.

PocketMags – again you can buy subscriptions or individual copies.

Readly – here, a monthly subscription allows you to download and read as many magazines as you like. But, you can usually find special offers which give you the first month free, so that you have time to decide whether paying the subscription will be worthwhile.

Next, we currently have £25 off our Biographies, Memoirs and Family Histories writing course. So, if you’ve ever  fancied writing a biography of one of your heroes  or started delving into your family history and decided you’d like to put it all together in a logical way for relatives and younger members of the family, here’s your chance.  This offer is available until 15th May.

Finally, don’t forget our Flash Fiction Competition. The deadline has been extended until Sunday 8th May; so if you would like to enter, it’s now or never!

Until next week…



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