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You Can’t Beat A Good Read!

March 27th, 2015

73.Eleanor-Catton-blogsAs usual, thanks to Louise for last Friday’s post. I know that she’s probably luckier than most of us when it comes to being in a position to soak up inspiration. I somehow imagine that being aboard a boat moored near Rome must be so much more conducive to writing than living in rainy Rochdale (sorry, Rochdale, no offence intended).

But I suspect I might be wrong. It’s more about the way you look at life and your surroundings than where you actually live. And this was the point that Louise got across so well. Even a trip to the laundrette or Tescos can provide inspiration if you keep your mind open and receptive at all times.

And talking about a bit of inspiration that you might not have considered as a writer, Prima magazine has a great section online entitled All About You that includes a Book Club. You can listen to Jane Green’s advice on getting your book published; Lucy Diamond talking about how to start writing your first novel and then finding a publisher; Karen Swan discussing the process of writing a novel and Joanna Reed offers tips that any aspiring author will find helpful.

They’ve teamed up with PanMacmillan  and you can try ‘tasters’ from some of their most popular books – and then buy them at a discount if you like them.

Talking of a good read, I’ve just finished reading  The Luminaries  which won its author – Eleanor Catton – the 2013 Man Booker Prize. It’s a huge book in every way – but well worth investing your time in. Set in the New Zealand gold fields in the 1860s, it reminds me of some of the great Victorian novels written by the likes of George Eliot or William Thackeray in its scope and depth. But I think what amazes me most is the fact that Eleanor Catton is still only 30.  The book doesn’t just involve a great deal of historical research but the seeming depth of understanding of the human condition is truly amazing.

Her first novel was The Rehearsal  and I’ll definitely be downloading that before I go on my next holiday!

Finally, don’t forget our Limerick Competition. It doesn’t close until 30th April 2015; so you’ve still got plenty of time. Entries are now flowing in and when I read through them I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Some of them are great – well-crafted and humorous. Others are monstrous – that’s the only way to describe them!  They don’t rhyme or scan properly; they don’t have the right number of lines and they just leave me feeling bemused. So, if you do decide to enter, check out the correct form for limericks so that you don’t waste your entry fee.

I’ve not got a guest for next Friday yet, so I’ll leave you in suspense. But don’t forget, if you feel you’ve got something connected to your writing that would help or inspire others, please contact me about providing a post on dianan@writersbureau.com





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