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A Really Useful Article

March 17th, 2014

Do you blog? If you do, great – keep it up. If you don’t, my first question is why on earth not? Blogging is a simple way to inform people about your writing, what you’ve had published, what’s due out soon and anything else you fancy telling them.

If you’re a private person and don’t like the idea of letting people into your private life too much, just keep it writing related. If you’re happy putting it all out there, you could include such things as details about your writing process and how you feel about it, your family life and how you fit writing into your daily routine. Don’t forget, people love to think they know something about you that others don’t and a blog is perfect for creating this feeling!

But that’s not all a blog can do for you. You can also use it to show off your writing style, which can be a useful promotional writing tool. It allows people who may be thinking of using you for projects to see how you write and, depending on how much detail you give, what your interests are.

Most of our tutors have blogs. Here are a few for you to have a look at:

Simon Whaley

Alex Gazzola

Esther Newton

So, if you’ve got a book already out there or you’re in the middle of writing one, use this article Blogging to Sell Your Book to start a blog and use it to promote yourself and your work.

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