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How to Get an Agent in (Almost) Five Minutes

July 6th, 2015

sheil-land-associates--blogAt the moment we hear so much about authors publishing their own books – both online with Amazon or print-on-demand. But there are still many people whose true ambition is to be taken up by an established publishing house so that the ‘technical’ side is taken care of for them and they get the recognition which being professionally published brings. Let’s be honest – if you get an offer from HarperCollins or Pan Macmillan you know you’ve made it!

But more and more publishers are refusing to wade through the ‘slush pile’ and will only consider agented work. So how do you get yourself an agent? In this week’s clip, Piers Blofeld of Sheil Land Associates, a long-established literary, theatrical and film agency, gives you some simple, straightforward tips on the best way to ‘sell’ your book – and yourself – to an agency.



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