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£55,000 prize money for winners of the Costa Book Awards

January 7th, 2011

First, Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and, like me, you’re probably glad the snow has gone.   But I couldn’t resist including one of the pics that my daughter-in-law took of Kenilworth Castle over the festive season – whether you like snow or not, that kind of view takes some beating.


Keeping those resolutions

Next, thanks to Christine for last week’s blog.  I definitely agree with her views on making resolutions.  They should be challenging, attainable and you must tell people what you intend to do.  That way, you’re too embarrassed to give up easily.  My main resolution is to plan my time better.  I’ve already made a positive start but over the coming months I’m determined that my desk will always be tidy and I’ll be well-prepared for every meeting.  At home my bills will be paid on time, there’ll be no last minute scramble to get the car serviced and my spare bedroom will be de-cluttered.  I’ve told you now – so you can hold me to it!

New British Fiction Needed

Last weekend there was an article in the Sunday Times on the trends in art and literature – the best and worst of 2010.  According to Andrew Holgate, it was the lack of good new British fiction talent that disappointed him most.  He commented that ‘given the number of writing courses, we should by rights be flooded with exciting new home-grown promise’.  And, of course, he’s right.  Reading our students’ work there is plenty of talent out there – it’s just a pity that mainstream publishing has become so commercial that most of the big companies prefer to go along with their existing stable of tried and tested authors rather than taking a chance on someone new or experimental.

Prestigious writing award

Earlier this week the winners of the Costa Book Awards were announced.  There are five categories: novel, first novel, biography, poetry and children’s book. The winner of each receives £5,000 and then the overall winner (which will be announced later in the month) receives a further £30,000.  So, not only is the award prestigious, but it’s also very lucrative!  I was pleased to see that the winner in the novel category was Maggie O’Farrell, whose work I admire greatly.  My introduction to her books was with The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox and since then I’ve read everything she’s published.

Next week, my guest blogger will be Anne Lyken-Garner, editor of our student e-zine, Chapter and Verse. And don’t forget that you still have time to enter the draw to win a publishing package from Indepenpress and a copy of our latest course – How to Promote your Book .


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