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2013 Poetry Competition Open for Entries Next Week

July 5th, 2013

First, thanks to Andy for his advice last week on writing for online markets and I hope you’ll actually have a look at some of the sites he mentioned – even if you eventually decide they are not for you.

Also, thanks to everyone who has entered our 2013 Short Story Competition. The closing date is upon us and all the entries will be sent off to Iain Pattison, our intrepid judge, for his consideration. I don’t envy him the task of deciding which four will take the prizes! But for all you poets out there, our 2013 Poetry Competition will be accepting entries from early next week; so start polishing.

Top short story prizes

But if you still favour the short story genre, rather than poetry, and want a worthwhile competition to enter then you could do worse than the Costa Short Story Competition. Entries are only accepted from 1st July to 2nd August; so the deadline is quite close. But, the prizes are: 1st £3500, 2nd £1500 and 3rd £500 – so definitely worth having a go. In order to enter you must be a resident of the UK or Ireland, be over 18 and your story must not exceed 4000 words. Have a look at their website for full details.

A way with words

I recently read a letter in a writing magazine recommending World Wide Words. So, being interested in the origin or words – and always on the lookout for a new one that I can use to bamboozle people – I decided to check it out. It really is good! There are explanations about various words and expressions; articles on the subject; ‘weird’ words and a question and answer section. Plus you can sign up for a free newsletter that is sent out each Saturday.

In the section on ‘Topical’ words I came across a great article on the word decimate. I know it’s pedantic, but I hate it when people use this word wrongly – and so many do. I recently went on a trip to the battlefields of World War I and we were repeatedly told that in a particular battle the troops were decimated. I’d say that in some battles, and for some regiments, that was a huge understatement!

OK, hobbyhorse unsaddled! Next Friday my guest will be Karen King, children’s author, and Writers Bureau tutor. She’ll be explaining the importance of being able to look back at how you felt as a child to get the content and tone of your books just right.




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