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My web site

Guiseppe T - March 1, 2012 writes:


I've recently created a web site. It's addressed to my students (10 to 13 year olds) and focuses on English culture and teen and pre-teen interests.

Could you, please, help me with ideas? What should the forum be about, for example? And the blog?

I thank you in advance for your kind help.

Marshall D - April 4, 2012 replied:

Give them tips like 'How to be a successful teen" etc

Vilma W - April 24, 2012 replied:

I've got a blog and there's a section on there for teenagers. It's under the category 'teenage corner' and it's got mostly articles written by teenagers for teenagers. Please take a look, it might help you with some ideas. My website is I hope this helps. Good luck. Vilma

Guiseppe T - April 25, 2012 replied:

Thanks a lot.

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