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The Writers Bureau
Writer of the Year 2014

Jacqueline Jeynes

The Writers Bureau 20th
Anniversary Award Winner

Tim Skelton winner of The Writers Bureau 20th Anniversary Award

The Writers Bureau
Student Comments

Christina Jones Award Winning Author and Writers Bureau Student

"My Writers Bureau course has led to this year being the catalyst for me to make the most of my experiences instead of just musing."

Jacqueline Jeynes

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"Besides seeing my first book in print, ... I am writing flat-out, and getting paid what I can now describe with pride as a decent salary."

Tim Skelton

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Here are some comments from our students. Their views say more about the course and tuition service than we ever could.

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Christina Jones,  Award Winning Writer and Writers Bureau Student

Christina Jones, Award Winning Writer

"I could never have believed what would happen to me the day I joined The Writers Bureau. I'd always enjoyed writing – but I had no idea whether I was any good. I needed the expertise of the one-to-one tuition that The Writers Bureau offered.

"The assignments were so well targeted that I managed to sell every piece of course work to magazines and newspapers – with requests for more.

"Now, I've had eighteen novels published and work regularly for magazines, running my writing career as a small business. It is simply a dream come true. I am having a lovely time – being interviewed, appearing on radio and TV, giving talks – but most of all I'm earning a living doing what I love most. Writing. The Writers Bureau made this possible for me."

Christina won the 2008 Pure Passion Award. For the full story click here

Category Award winner at the Melissa Nathan Awards. For the full story click here

Justin Tonna

"I got a call from Malta's largest magazine publisher - Network Publications. They needed a writer with previous business experience for one of their niche magazines. With my insurance career and freelance writing, I fitted their requirements perfectly. It was still a junior position but the remuneration was reasonable, so I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith.

"That was almost a year ago.

"The concepts I had learnt in my course - interview techniques, market analysis, writing styles and research - all paid off. I began to look at business trends and explained complex issues - such as inflation - in simple terms. As a result the magazine - The Economic Update - doubled in page count and tripled in advertising revenue, going from niche to mainstream.

"In recognition of this success I was promoted to editor. And, very recently, our publication company went through a restructuring and I was made editor-in-chief. I now oversee all of Network Publications' magazines - there are eight of them - and manage a team of writers. I even have my own PA!"

Justin Tonna, Malta

"My journey as a WB student and a writer has been an exciting and delightful one. Today, I take pride in myself when readers compliment me and loyally read my blog posts. In the past year I have earned a little more than Rs 1.5 lakhs from my writings. At present, I am so flooded with projects and assignments that I find it difficult to make time for my WB assignments. I love my creative freedom and would not trade a freelance writer's career with anything in the world. I really want to thank Writers Bureau for making all this possible for me."

Shuchi Kalra, Lucknow

Shuchi Kalra

Cindy-Lou Dale

"I thought you'd like to know that 7 years since doing my course at WB, under the expert tutelage of David Kinchin, I've been published in more than 150 magazines around the world. I've now got to the stage where I'm turning down all-inclusive exotic press trips!

"In the past two months I've written no less than six articles for Time Magazine - and I'll soon be going on assignment for them, visiting Botswana and Namibia. I must be doing something right!"

Cindy-Lou Dale, UK and Belgium




“After three years of starting with The Writers Bureau writing has become a job, immensely satisfying and enjoyable, even though I still find it hard to believe sometimes that people actually depend on my contributions and I get paid on a regular basis, working around 18 hours per week. My income from writing to date has been £8150...and my regular work for 2009 has already been commissioned.”

Beate Allerton, Canada

Beate Allerton



"The Writers Bureau has motivated me to the extent that I was challenged to launch my own newspaper. This was my dream come true. My writing has impacted many people. Through The Weekly Digest newspaper that I established many young reporters were employed. I would therefore like to recognise the efforts of The Writers Bureau and it's management which has immensely contributed to the success of my study of becoming a published writer and even more."

Binson Musongole, Malawi


"From the blue, the editor contacted me and gave me a brief and a three week deadline to research and write a 1400 word feature on Africa's wildlife. Four weeks later the accounts department of the magazine sent me an email requesting my invoice for the article I submitted to them.  I shouted ‘Hallelujah'. The article, Havoc and Hope of African Wildlife was published a month later and I was paid 3500 Rand."

Kingsley Ohwoevwrukobo, Cote D'Ivoire

Kingsley Ohwoevwrukobo


Judy Crews

"Throughout the course my tutor, has provided me with very constructive feedback. Looking back over my work I can see how his comments have contributed to my overall development as a writer. I thank The Writers Bureau for all the comments which collectively have inspired me to develop a passion for writing. As well as being paid for something I love doing, I value the positive impact this course has had on my overall personal development."  

Judy Crews, New Zealand


Rachel Dove Writers Bureau's Writer of the Year 2016

"I won the 2015 Flirty Fiction Prima Magazine and Mills and Boon competition. The prize was £500, a three page feature in the magazine and the chance to work with Mills and Boon on my book. This came out on 21st April 2016."

"Also I have three stories in three anthologies with other authors – we’ve raised almost £2,000 for cancer charities"

Rachel Dove - Writers Bureau Writer of the Year 2016

Read Rachel's full story.

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