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Puddle-headed publishers pick a plot and pray. . ..

April 21st, 2011

Wandy150riting a novel requires stamina, perseverance and great imagination. Technically, it requires that the author has exemplary skills of characterisation, description, dialogue, wit, originality and the patience to do meticulous research in order to attain a level of realism which will draw readers in. Sadly, it doesn’t mean, given that you have all of these qualities, that you will be an instant hit. Stop-Press: Publishers don’t always get it right!

Probably the biggest player in this litany of literary qualities is…luck. Right place, right time and a publisher who’s just had a good lunch and therefore feels happy with the world, probably plays a bigger role in getting your book published than any of the other laudable attributes. ‘Surely not’ I hear you cry. Well, read on, and don’t call me Shirely. . ..

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