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Never Give Up

July 14th, 2017

Writing is like everything else in life, you have to start somewhere. Just get writing, whether it’s on the computer or a notepad or even the back of an envelope. My best poem was written on the back of one as I was waiting for the breakdown recovery man.

Do you remember when you were at school, on your first day of term teacher asked you to write a story called ‘what I did on my holidays,’ how many of us wrote fiction or non-fiction? Looking through old school books is quite inspirational. Many stories seem to be quite interesting and certainly worth a rewrite and bringing up to date. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Rise And Fall Of The E-book

July 11th, 2017

First, thanks to Walter for last week’s blog. I couldn’t agree more with what he has to say. Winning a writing competition has lots of advantages: the prize (whether cash or some other goodie), the confidence it gives you (let’s be honest, we all like our egos massaging at times), publication, the promotion you get as a writer and, of course, the chance to meet famous authors!

There’s also the fact that making yourself write something new for a competition and then polishing it until you know it’s the very best you can do is wonderful discipline for any writer. And this is one of the main reasons why, here at Writers Bureau, we hold a number of competitions each year: short story, flash fiction, poetry and limerick. So, here’s a quick reminder that you’ve still time to have some fun and win a cash prize by entering our latest Limerick Competition. The closing date is 31st July… so it’s creeping up on you fast! Read the rest of this entry »

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Ten Reasons To Enter Creative Writing Competitions

June 30th, 2017

Are you an aspiring writer? Are you considering entering a writing competition? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you are on the right track.

This doesn’t imply that you are on the wrong track if entering writing competitions isn’t in your agenda. Many writers have gone on to enjoy immense success without entering contests. However, there’s always an edge that comes with winning writing competitions.

Still in doubt? Take a look at these benefits of entering writing contests. Read the rest of this entry »

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Taking The Copyright Challenge

June 23rd, 2017

First, thanks to Gillian for last week’s blog. I think many people have experiences in their life that they feel they would like to share with a wider audience, but they don’t have the confidence to go for it. Gillian’s post shows you that you should always be willing to take that risk. She ended up with a book under her belt, the knowledge that she has really struck a chord with her readers and has been instrumental in giving great support to her cause.

You’d be surprised at how many new writers worry about copyright. The majority worry that if they send off their work to newspapers and magazines or competitions it will be stolen by unscrupulous editors or judges. I’ve even had one student ask how she could be certain that her tutor wouldn’t go through her assignment and steal ideas. (Incidentally, there’s no copyright in ideas – just the way they’re expressed.) Read the rest of this entry »

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The Homemade Tart

June 16th, 2017

The Writers Bureau memoirs course helped me produce the draft for my first book, The Storm Within the Rose: My Family and Alzheimer’s. My next task was to turn this mass of words into a book people would want to read. With no publishing experience whatsoever I decided to self-publish completing each step of the process myself. It seemed slightly less crazy than trying to convince a publisher or agent that I, an unestablished author, had written a book that would sell.

So l started to create my book which I affectionately nicknamed my homemade tart. The filling was to be a mixture of sadness, humour, nostalgia, information and pictures, poured into a casing of chapters, headings, indented paragraphs, page numbers and front section before topping with an eye-catching book cover. Read the rest of this entry »

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